God has given an incredible testimony to Chase "Chasen Glory" Coleman, the artist formerly known as Ace Boogie. Chase was raised in a small Southern Baptist church in East Tennessee and from an early age was exposed to Christianity. His mother did her best to bring him and his sister up right, but he eventually strayed from his roots and went through a series of rough times that molded and defined his life.              


At the age of five, Chase endured the painful divorce of his parents, which resulted in him being able to  see his father only a few hours every Sunday. He had a very close relationship with his father but because of the divorce he was left to later figure out the steps to manhood on his own.  His mother remarried five years later and moved the family to Texas where Chase’s stepfather was in pilot training. A year later, his family returned to Tennessee and Chase learned, from his biological father, that he had a second sibling, a brother who was five years younger than him. Two years later, Chase’s mother would give birth to his third sibling and youngest brother. During this time of family transition, church and the Christian lifestyle were still a regular routine enforced by his mother. However, at age 16, Chase discovered a newfound freedom after receiving his driver’s license. 


 It was at this time he began to steer himself down a long, dark path for the remainder of his teens and into his 20’s. At 16, he began smoking weed and writing his first raps. He progressively began selling weed to support his habit, as well as pay for studio time to lay down tracks. By the end of his senior year of high school, Chase’s mother discovered what he had been doing to earn extra money. She presented him with the ultimatum of either stopping what he was doing, or continue and be forced to move out. Chase chose the latter and on the day of his high school graduation he received his diploma, walked off the stage, and moved into his own apartment with some friends. Chase then took his hustle to the next level and made it a full time priority so he could continue his lifestyle and pay his bills at the same time.  


 At the age of 20, Chase’s girlfriend became pregnant, so he went from selling weed to selling crack. Selling crack elevated him to a whole new level as a drug dealer.  Fueled by desperation to increase his profits to support his girlfriend and soon to be daughter, Chase stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. He was now in a place where he completely disregarded everything he had been taught, and ignored the brief moments when he thought God was speaking to him. Over the next five years his daily routine would consist of smoking blunts, selling dope, and being in the studio as much as possible. Chase was continually looking over his shoulder; he experienced multiple run-ins with the law, and court cases, therefore collecting numerous charges that eventually lead to him becoming a felon. 


At this point, Chase’s life hit rock bottom, and he knew he needed to change to avoid prison and/or death. His original plan was to only deal drugs long enough to jump start his music career, but God had been calling him to another path for some time. He always felt that God spoke to him frequently, but his pride and life-style caused it to go in one ear and out the other. Spiritually broken and realizing there may be no other hope outside of Jesus, Chase started listening to what God was speaking to him. He began to take himself out of the fast life he had created and started walking with Jesus. His walk with Christ transformed him from the inside out, leading to Chase giving his life to Christ in July of 2011.  


God has anointed Chase and called him to steer people away from the life that led him astray, lead others toward Christ, and encourage other Christians to stay strong in their faith.  To answer this calling Chase has vowed to give up his old lifestyle and devote it solely to Christian Rap and ministry. 


Chase’s label, RHINO Music Group, once stood for “Real Hustle Is No Obstacle,” which was not necessarily an illegal hustle but whatever it took to provide a better life for yourself and your family. He still stands by that but now RHINO’s mission has a second meaning and that is to glorify God, thus the addition of “Reaching Heaven Is Never Optional.”  


The months to come would be challenging due to the abrupt change in his life, as told by Chase himself "The complete 180 degree turn in lifestyle was a tough one and still is to this day. Spending the first 10 years of your adult life living by a certain code and set of rules and ethics then completely trying to relearn how to live life the correct way is definitely still a challenge to this day." 


This may sound funny to most, to understand one may have had to change from the lifestyle Chase lived where he could basically buy and do anything he desired for the better part of the prior 10 years Determined to continue down the path he was destined, Chase, began working on his first songs as a born again believer and would drop his first album in 2012. Under Cnstruction Vol.1 would and will be the first of many volumes to come from Chase. The term 'Under Construction" comes from Philipians 3:12 MSG "I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have made it. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me." 


The next few years would also lead to many ups and downs for Chase's life in general. Temptations from the struggle for his life would be difficult to deal with because he was not accustomed to living according to Christian morals and ethics.   


As Chase was focusing on his goals a blessing would walk to his life in 2014 when he would meet his wife on a blind date. She stuck with him and held him down at some of his lowest points and in August of 2016 they were married. 2016 however would be would not be the same as the prior 5 years of walking along the straight and narrow path. 


In late 2015 Ace lost his job and was not able to sustain the life he was accustomed to. Afraid of losing everything he had worked for and a woman that he had prayed for, he made a decision to revert back to his old ways of dealing drugs and spent the next 13 months hiding that decision from his family, friends and fans.  


In Early 2017, by the grace of God Chase was spared again. After a close call with the police (that ultimately amounted to nothing) he once again found himself at the same place he was in 2011. On his knees asking for the Lord for forgiveness. Only this time speaking out to the Lord declaring "You've opened my eyes for the last time" and vowed to never return to that life again no matter what it would cost him. 


The remainder of 2017 has been all positive with the renewal of determination for his life. Chase has been blessed with an amazing return to the Battle Rap Circuit, the release of a new volume of the “Under Construction Series”, and the birth of his son! 


It is safe to say that he is back and is here to stay.